2020 Lucky Blue
2020 Lucky Blue - $25.15
This wine sparkles with juicy Golden Delicious apple, ripe Bartlett pear, pineapple, citrus and quince. It is fresh and crisp with a hint of almond biscotti. Time to celebrate life with a glass of Lucky Blue and a creamy cheese board with prosciutto, mixed nuts and fresh fruit.
Music Pairing: "Soak Up the Sun" by SHERYL CROW
2020 Enchanté
2020 Enchanté - $25.15
Charming and delicate, with dreamy hues of soft pinky coral and tiny bubbles to tickle your fancy. There are whispers of a smoky rose bouquet in the air and on the palate, tastes of cherry turnover, red currant, ripe pomegranate, and fresh cranberries … woven with black pepper, nutmeg and a hint of honey. This wine will make you ... and your shrimp cocktail ... dance.
Music Pairing: "La Vie en Rose" by LOUIS ARMSTRONG
2020 Lazy Days
2020 Lazy Days - $14.15
This ruby red wine sparkles with soft, tender bubbles tastes of light, smoky, peppery red fruit ... raspberry, cherry and red licorice ... and tickles your tongue with cheeky sophistication. Celebrate your special occasions with Lazy Days and friends or secretly enjoy this by yourself with your own mini-charcuterie.
Music Pairing: "Have a Good Time" by PAUL SIMON
Swanky Tasting
Swanky Tasting: From Harvest to Wine
Saturday, October 21st
Join us in the Vinehouse at 2 pm.
Our wonderful Winemaker, Andrew Wilson, will enlighten us on the fun, not so fun, and the definitely crazy aspects of harvest season. Delight in 4 Merlots made 4 different ways. Sit back, listen, learn, sip and eat the harvest of Essex County.

$35 per person. 
Buy your tickets online or by calling 519-738-3264. 
2020 Riesling
New Wine: 2017 Regent
You can purchase yours in store, over the phone by calling 519-738-3264, or online.